Mobile: How an Organization Can Request That Contacts Using the Everbridge Mobile App (EMA) Respond to Notifications With Their Location and Other Information


How an organization can request that contacts using the Everbridge Mobile app (EMA) respond to notifications with their location and other information.


Solicited messages come from contacts as responses to notifications.

When sending notifications to the Everbridge Mobile app, there are four settings that can be configured to collect a contact's location data as desired:

  1. Request location: if selected, and if the contacts allow it, their locations will be sent by the device when they respond to the notification. A marker of each contact will appear on the map on the Universe tab.
  2. Request additional information: if selected, the contact can send a reply to the Users can view the reply from the Universe tab.
  3. Request image: if selected, the contact can send a photo. Users can view the photo from the Universe tab.
  4. Enable Sharing Options: if selected, the contacts can forward this message to their extended network. Consider the message to decide whether to allow it to be forwarded or not. A weather or traffic alert would be a service to the network of contacts, but allowing proprietary information about an organization not recommended. If enabled, contacts can share the notification they receive via email, SMS, or Twitter.
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