Contact Tracing: What Contact Tracing-Related Capabilities Are in the EVBG CT iOS Mobile App That Are Not in the EVBG App iOS?


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What Contact Tracing-related capabilities are in the Everbridge Contact Tracer App for iOS (EVBG CT iOS) Mobile App that are not in the corporate Everbridge App for iOS (EVBG App iOS) Mobile App?


Proximity-based Contact Tracing. Except for Proximity-based Contact Tracing, the EVBG App iOS supports all other Contact Tracing functionality such as Symptom Checker, Self-Report, and other Custom Form buttons.

Proximity-based Contact Tracing utilizes Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) to detect exposure through the use of BLE keys. When Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) technology is disabled by organization administrators, a Self-Report in the EVBG App iOS Mobile App will not result in BLE key exchange and no proximity-based exposure events will be triggered.

In this scenario (BLE disabled), a Self-Report in the EVBG App iOS Mobile App will trigger a notification to Human Resources (HR) or someone with the correct access to initiate Location-based Contact Tracing. Location-based Contact Tracing looks at calendars, badging, Wi-Fi, travel itineraries, and so forth to detect exposure.

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