Contact Tracing: Why Is Everbridge Releasing a Separate Mobile App (EVBG CT iOS) For Proximity-Based Contact Tracing on iOS Devices?


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Why is Everbridge releasing a separate Mobile App (EVBG CT iOS) for Proximity-based Contact Tracing on iOs devices?

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For the Proximity-based Contact Tracing capability which utilizes Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) technology on iOS devices, the only application that the Apple Application Review team has agreed to approve is a standalone application that keeps all other Everbridge Mobile Application functionality separated. Therefore, iOS customers that will benefit from complete end-to-end Return to Work (RTW), Location-based Contact Tracing and Proximity-based Contact Tracing, need to use two mobile applications. The corporate Everbridge Mobile App is called Everbridge App for iOS (EVBG App iOS) and the standalone Mobile App is called Everbridge Contact Tracer App for iOS (EVBG CT iOS).

For more information on the difference between Proximity-based Contact Tracing and Location-based Contact Tracing see Knowledge Base Article 000049470 - Contact Tracing: What Is the Difference Between Proximity-Based Contact Tracing and Location-Based Contact Tracing?

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