Mobile: Security Controls That Can Be Enforced in the Everbridge Mobile App (EMA) Via Microsoft Intune


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Security controls that can be enforced in the Everbridge Mobile App (EMA) via Microsoft Intune.


Many of the commonly used features in Microsoft Intune are supported in the Everbridge Mobile App (EMA) if the Everbridge Mobile App has been installed via the Microsoft Intune company portal. Below is a list of the supported and non-supported features.

Supported Microsoft Intune features:

  • Deploy app on an enrolled device
  • Check status of app installation in the device
  • Remove app using device wipe, retire, or manually unenrolling the device
  • Allow copy/paste
  • Prevent copy/paste
  • Block screenshots and screen recording
  • Block Siri
  • Prevent access to notification attachments
  • Control sharing of data between EMA and an unmanaged app
  • The app can be uninstalled from jail-broken devices by unenrolling the device or performing a wipe on the device

In a nutshell, most of the app configurations that are applicable for the “Managed devices” type of app configuration policy channel can be exercised on the Everbridge Mobile App.

Non-Supported Microsoft Intune features:

Microsoft Intune capability that is not supported in EMA are the App Protection Policies (APP) that are applicable for the “Managed apps” type of app configuration policy channel. These cannot be applied for to the Everbridge Mobile App, because the Everbridge Mobile App is not integrated with the Inntune SDK or wrapped by the Intune App Wrapping Tool.

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