CNL: ‘User locked out’ and ‘The specified user account is locked out’ Errors When Attempting to Log in to Everbridge Control Center (CNL)


A user is encountering the following errors when logging into Everbridge Control Center (CNL):
User locked out
The specified user account is locked out.
Please try again or contact your administrator.

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Root Cause:

The user has attempted to log in to CNL three or more times with the incorrect password. Once three incorrect attempts have been made, the account is locked.


To unlock a locked account in the database, please follow these steps. All queries must be run against the Pacific database using SQL Management Studio. 

  1. Find the user ID from the Ipsc.[User] table using the query:
Select [ID], [Label], [Description], [isLockedOut] From [Pacific].[Ipsc].[User]
  1. Copy the value from the ID column. In the above example, the ID of the user whose account is locked out is'27A23AC5-326B-ED11-ABC6-747827CB57AD'
  2. Unlock the account by executing the following query. (Change ID and UserID in the two queries to use the ID you copied in step 2.)
Update [Pacific].[Ipsc].[User] Set isLockedOut = 0 Where ID = '27A23AC5-326B-ED11-ABC6-747827CB57AD'

Delete From [Pacific].[Ipsc].UserLogonHistory Where UserID = '27A23AC5-326B-ED11-ABC6-747827CB57AD'
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