Mobile: Available Everbridge Mobile Applications Description, Version and Platform Information


Available Everbridge Mobile Applications description, version and platform information.


Several Everbridge mobile applications are available free of charge for both the Android and iOS platforms. The only application that is available for the Windows Phone is ManageBridge, which can be downloaded here:

For a list of Mobile Device Management (MDM) systems that are compatible with the Everbridge mobile app, please see Knowledge Base Article 000025567 - Mobile: List of Mobile Device Management (MDM) Systems Compatible With the Everbridge Mobile Application (EMA).

Supported versions and other details can be found at the Google Play and Apple iTunes links in the table below.





Everbridge Mobile App

Gives Contacts access to the Member Portal where they can receive messages and push notifications as well as respond to messages.


Gives message senders access to the Manager Portal so they can send and monitor notifications.


Everbridge Contact Tracer

For Proximity-based Contact Tracing on iOS devices. This is app is for iOS devices only. (This same functionality is included in the Everbridge Mobile App for Android devices so no separate app is needed for Android devices.)


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