Contact Tracing: What Functionality Is Supported in the Everbridge Contact Tracer App for iOS (EVBG CT iOS)?


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What functionality is supported in the Everbridge Contact Tracer App (EVBG CT iOS) for iOS?

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The following functions are supported in the EVBG CT iOS Mobile App:

  • Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE)-based Proximity Contact Tracing (CT) capability through the use of BLE keys. BLE key exchange detects contact exposure (proximity) for up to six feet within a 15-minute time period.
  • Symptom Checker
  • Self-Report, and
  • the ability to define Custom Form buttons

Note that for Proximity CT and the Self-Report button to work, BLE Proximity functionality must be enabled in the Organization's settings area. In the Everbridge Manager Portal go to Settings > Everbridge Mobile App > Application Options > Contact Tracing > Enable Mobile App Bluetooth Proximity Tracing.

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