VCC: Which Role in Visual Command Center (VCC) Provides the Minimum Permissions a User Can Have?


Which role in Visual Command Center (VCC) provides the minimum permissions a user can have?


The Incident Operator role. Users of this role launch and manage incidents. The role can also launch new incidents by phone.

In order to create the Incident Operator role with minimum permissions, follow the steps below:

  1. Log in to the Manager Portal as an Account Administrator.
  2. Select the Roles tab.
  3. Select the organization you want to view roles for.
  4. From the left side of the page, select +New Role.
  5. Select the Incident Operator type and enter a name for the role.
  6. Scroll down to VCC Permissions.
  7. Select the checkbox next to Use VCC Operator Console.          VCC Incident Operator Permission
  8. Select Save.

Once users are registered to the role, they can log into the Operator Console in VCC with the ability to view the map, assets and feeds that are enabled. This includes being able to view alerts.

NOTE: Users with this role will not be able to launch incidents, acknowledge alerts, or snooze alerts.

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