VCC: Alerts in Visual Command Center (VCC) Are Showing the Incorrect Radius


Alerts in Visual Command Center (VCC) are showing the incorrect radius.

Root Cause:

By default, the radius for alerts in VCC is set to 16km. If the radius displayed is incorrect for any particular feed, the radius settings must be reconfigured.


Two examples of feeds that can generate alerts are the RIMC - Advisories and RIMC Powered by NC4 feeds. Each data feed is branched separately so that alert settings can be managed independently. For this example, follow the steps below to configure Civil Unrest alerts for feeds as desired:

    Shows both feeds - RIMC - Advisories - and - RIMC Powered by NC4
    1. Log in to Visual Command Center.
    2. Select the menu icon on the upper right-hand corner.
    3. Select Admin Console.
    4. Select Data on the right side of the page.
    5. On the left, scroll down and click on either RIMC - Advisories and RIMC Powered by NC4.
    Shows where to look for the radius setting
    1. Scroll down to find Civil Unrest and drag the slider to adjust the radius as desired.
    2. Make any other needed changes.
    3. Click Save.
    NOTE: Other feeds may be actively alertable. As a best practice, go through each alertable data feed and adjust the settings as described in this article.
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