VCC: 'The KML/KMZ File Is Incorrectly Formatted' Error When Loading a KML or KMZ File Into the Visual Command Center (VCC) Operator Console



When dropping a KML or KMZ file into the VCC Operator Console, in the Context feed, an "exclamation point" icon will appear on the screen next to the name of the file you attempted to load. Selecting the icon will reveal a dialog box similar to the one below with the following error:

 The KML/KMZ file is incorrectly formatted.

An error after loading an invalid KMZ file.

Root Cause: 

This error is likely due to unsupported content in the KML or KMZ file. Please see the solutions below for the file type used. 


The solution will depend on if you are trying to load a KML or a KMZ file. A KML file can be edited without intervention, and a KMZ file must first be decrypted to extract the KML file inside.

KMZ file

If you have a KMZ file, the easiest way to extract it is to rename the file to have an extension of ".zip" instead of ".kmz." Once this is done, most operating systems will recognize it as an archive. In Windows, right-click and choose  Extract All to unzip the file. The resulting folder will have a KML file inside.

KML file

If you have a KML file or converted your KMZ file to a KML, please edit the file as described below. 

1. Open the file in any text editor.
2. Find the phrase, "xsi:schemaLocation="
3. Delete that phrase and the entire segment of text in quotes that follow
4. Save and close the KML file

You can now drop the edited KML file into VCC. If you still receive an error after performing the solutions above, please contact Everbridge Technical Support for assistance. A support case can easily be logged in the Support Center by following the instructions in Knowledge Base Article 000051324 - How to Open a Support Case in the Everbridge Support Center.

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