Contact Tracing: How Can Users Self Report Anonymously When Using Contact Tracing?


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How can users Self Report anonymously when using Contact Tracing?


Administrators can create a custom form for Self Reporting that includes the ability to configure anonymous self-reporting.

Note: the default Self-Report button does not have this configuration option.

To configure anonymous self-reporting in the Everbridge Manager Portal:

  1. Click on Settings
  2. Click on Everbridge Mobile App
  3. Click on Application Options
  4. Click on Safety
  5. Under MANAGE SAFETY BUTTONS scroll to the bottom and click on +Add a custom button
  6. From the Button Detail Type drop-down menu, choose Custom Form
  7. Scroll to the bottom
  8. Under WHAT HAPPENS WHEN THIS CUSTOM FORM IS SUBMITTED SUCCESSFULLY? check the Anonymous Report check box.
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