VCC: What Are the Sources for Weather Feeds in Visual Command Center?


What are the sources for weather feeds in Visual Command Center (VCC)?


Visual Command Center acquires weather data from a variety of sources in North America and throughout the world.

Risk Intelligence Monitoring Center (RIMC)

The RIMC reports on all tropical cyclones, including hurricanes, typhoons, and tropical storms, that are predicted to make landfall or impact land. Due to their potential risk to land and shipping, all Category-3 and above storms are also monitored. Other meteorological events that are reported on by the RIMC include tornadoes and significantly disruptive or potentially life-threatening non-tropical storms. The impacts of meteorological events are reported on extensively at the hyper-local level. These impacts generally include flooding, evacuations, power outages, roadway closures, public transportation disruptions, production stoppages, supply chain disruptions, and fuel outages, among others.

Note: The RIMC does not create risk events for NWS-issued watches/warnings/advisories (and foreign equivalents) although these details may be included within an associated risk event.

National Weather Service (NWS)

In the United States, the NWS weather feed provides timely information for storms that may impact your employees or business.

International Weather

In Canada, Australia, Japan, and Europe, Visual Command Center partners with The Weather Company to receive weather related information.

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