NC4: E Team - R9.8 E Team Form Builder - Exporting and Importing Form/Tab Designs

Exporting Custom Forms and Tabs
E Team's Form Builder provides the means by which to export a copy of a custom form or tab to your local server. In general these are forms/tabs created on your E Team Training side, or on a test server, in order to then import for real world use. Custom forms and tabs are exported in the .zip format and will unzip automatically for use on import.
ONLY the form design is exported. The exported form will retain custom controls and rules, but not settings made in Form Builder Manager to set color codes and icons for geo-location or static form settings used for auto-closure purposes. These will need to be set individually for each imported form after import.
  1. Navigate to Administration > Form Builder
  2. From the Form Builder Manager main screen select the Export button.
  3. Locate the form/tab listing in the export window and click the Save option to the left of the listing.
  4. Follow your systems prompts to save the design to your local drive.
  5. When the transfer is complete close your system download dialog as needed.
Batch download is not supported, you must download each file individually.  
Importing Custom Forms and Tabs
E Team's Form Builder provides the means by which to import custom forms and tabs between your Operations and Training databases, or created on another E Team system use with your E Team system.
Custom forms and tabs are stored in the .zip format and will unzip automatically for use. Form Builder Manager will only import forms that have been created for use with E Team. Attempts to import forms/tabs created outside of the E Team environment will not have benefit of the E Team required template and will not successfully import.
Each form/tab design has an associated id. When importing forms and tabs it is import to keep in mind that you cannot reimport an existing design template since no two (2) forms can share the same id. Use the Replace option to replace an existing design with an updated version of the same design. Use the Clone option to reuse an existing design as the basis for a new form or tab.
E Team supports ONLY the following imports:
  • Designs created by you in E Team and exported to your local drive.
  • Designs created by another E Team instance by a trusted E Team partner (generally a data sharing partner). These designs must have been created on a compatible version of the E Team's Form Builder.
  • Designs created for and provide to you by NC4. 
  • Designs downloaded from NC4's support site. These are forms developed by NC4 for use within E Team, for example, ICS and FEMA forms could be made available in this manner. These forms are supported by E Team in their original released format only.
We recommend that imports obtained from others (bullets 2, 3, 4 above) be imported into your test system (when applicable) or your Training database first and tested immediately BEFORE making any changes to the imported design. If there are issues with using the form/tab at that time contact the provider of the form. 
  1. Navigate to Administration > Form Builder
  2. From the Form Builder Manager main screen select the Import button.
  3. In the import window click on the Browse option and follow your systems prompts to locate and select the custom .zip file to be imported.
    • The Form NameDisplay Name, and Description will populated by the system at this time.
  4. In the Upload As field make the proper selection to identify whether the imported design is a form or tab.  
  5. You may change the Form NameDisplay Name, and Description if needed.
  6. Click Cancel if you no longer wish to import the form. All data is cleared form the import screen, the import window closes and you are back on the Form Builder Manager main screen.
  7. Click Import to import the tab/form. When the import process is complete you will be presented with a success message at the top of the import screen. All other data will have been cleared from the screen.
  8. Click the Form Manager link at the top of the screen to return the main view.
    • The imported form will be listed in your Active view. 
You can now publish and test the form/tab. Once you have tested the basic working of the form, you can update the in Form Builder Manager for color codes, icons, and static settings, and update the design as needed.
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