NC4 - E Team - R9.8 Using E Team - Report Viewer

Report Viewer

When enabled and properly configured, the embedded report viewer allows E Team users who are members of the ETeam ARE Access group to view reports. E Team is delivered with a number of predefined reports. Your organization may have additional reports. 

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Users with the proper rights will see the ARE option on the toolbar at the top of
their E Team main screen and will have been provided your organization's id and password to be used to log into the viewer.

  1. Click the ARE option to open the viewer window.
  2. Enter your organizations's id and password and click Logon.
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    All available reports for the database accessed, Operations or Training, will be listed on the left.
  3. Make a selection and follow instructions to add filtering parameters when applicable and view results.
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    From the results window you can, export, print, and refresh.
  4. When done, click Log Off ARE at the top of the window and close the window.
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