NC4 - E Team - R9.8 Using E Team - Launching E Team and Logging In

Launch your Internet browser and type in the URL address provided to you for E Team. Example: The E Team Login Screen displays.
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Users with Valid Username and Password
  1. Enter your Username and Password.
  2. Select the E Team database to log into, options are Operations and Training.
  3. If Captcha is enabled on your system, the login screen will include a Captcha image challenge code. Enter the code exactly as it is displayed.
  4. Click OK.
First time users will always be presented with your Personal Profile document. Initial login is not complete until this documented has been submitted.
New User Registration
If your system is configured with the self-registration capability, your login screen will include a Register radio button in addition to Operations and Training. If you have not yet registered for access to the system, you will need to do so now.
  1. Enter the Username and Password that you would like to use for accessing the system and select the Register option.
  2. Click Ok.
  3. The system checks against all existing Usernames to ensure no duplication.
    • If the Username requested already exists in the system, you will be presented with the message, REGISTRATION ERROR: User already exists. Repeat steps 1 and 2, choosing a different Username.
  4. If the Username requested isn’t a duplication, the system displays the User Registration document with the Login ID and Password (encrypted) fields filled in.
  5. Complete all required fields, displayed in red, on the Registration document. All other fields may be filled in at a later time. All data entered during the self-registration process will be available on your Personal Profile once you become an approved user.
    • Select a security question from the list provided.
    • Enter an Answer to security question selected.
    • Enter your First and Last Name.
    • Click Select to choose your Organization/Location.
    • Click Select to choose your Position.
    • Click Select to choose your Agency.
    • Enter a Phone number where you can be reached.
    • Enter a valid E-Mail
    • Click Submit.
  6. The system will display a Registration Status dialog, confirming that your registration request has been routed to the appropriate person for further action.
  7. Upon approval/rejection of the registration request, the prospective user will receive an email notification and if the registration has been approved, may then access the application URL and proceed to login.
Forgotten Password
If you have one, but have forgotten your Password:
  1. Enter your Username.
  2. Select the E Team database to log into, options are Operations and Training.
  3. Click the Forgot Password link. The system will display the security question as last saved on your Personal Profile document stored in the selected database.
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  4. Enter the answer to your security question and click Submit. If your response matches the last saved response on your Personal Profile, you will be logged into the application.
    Once logged into the application, you should change your password from within your Personal Profile document, using the field provided under the Account Information tab.
Locked out User
If a user is unable to be authenticated and is locked out of the application, an email is sent to a designated user who will be able to authenticate the user in a manner acceptable to their organization, unlock the user, reset the password, and provide the new password directly to that user.
 Personal Profile - Completing First Time Login
Your Personal Profile provides important information about you to other E Team users and will always display the very first time you use E Team. However, your system may be configured so that your Personal Profile does not automatically display on subsequent logins.
Required field labels are red. You must complete these fields to login. All other fields may be filled in at a later time by clicking on the Profile icon in the Tools Frame after login. For complete field-by-field help refer to Online Help.
All data entered during the self-registration process will already be available on the Personal Profile.
  1. Enter your First and Last Name.
  2. Click Select to choose your Organization/Location.
  3. Click Select to choose your Position.
  4. Click Select to choose your Agency.
  5. Enter a Phone number where you can be reached. In some cases you must also enter a Cell phone number.
  6. Enter a valid E-Mail.
  7. Select the Account Information tab.
  8. Select a security question from the list provided.
  9. Enter an Answer to security question selected.
  10. Click Submit.
If your system has been configured to require a password change on first login, you will be prompted to make that change at this time.
  1. Under the Account Information tab, check the Change Password box.
  2. Enter a new Password.
  3. Enter the new password again to Confirm Password change.
  4. Click Submit.
  5. The E Team Main Screen displaysClick here to review the main screen layout and moving around in the application.
You are now logged into your E Team application.
Depending on your system configuration:
  • The position you choose may have a pre-designated default Full or Position-Based Menu.
  • You may be presented with your Position Checklist window. The checklist provides an overview of your personal duties and responsibilities for the position you are working.
  • The menu may appear in an accordion fashion on the left hand side of the window, or as a drop down menu located immediately under the top toolbar. Your E Team System Administrator configures how the menu will be displayed within your system.
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