NC4 - E Team - R9.8 E Team Form Builder - Cloning Existing Forms/Tabs

The custom forms cloning feature provides the means by which to reuse an existing
form/tab design template as the basis for a new form or tab. This saves time when the basic format and/or fields on the existing form or tab requires minor changes to accommodate a new form or tab.

  1. Navigate to Administration > Form Builder.
  2. Locate the form or tab in the Form Builder Manager Active view.
  3. Click on the associated image in the Clone column to the right of the listing.
  4. The custom form/tab identity window opens for the selected form.
  5. Change the Form NameDisplay Name, and Description for your new form and click Next.  
  6. Update the design as needed.
  7. When done click Finish, you will be returned to the Form Builder Manager main screen and can now publish your new form for use in the normal manner. 
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