NC4 - E Team - R9.8 Configuration Documents - Introduction to E Team Configuration Documents

E Team Administration contains documents that are considered an integral part of your E Team application.

A single User ID and password are created during the E Team installation. This ID is automatically added to the ETeam System Admin Group, thereby providing a way for an Administrator to log into the application, complete system configuration, and perform the steps necessary to setup additional E Team Users.

The bulk of configuration is performed within the browser after logging into the E Team application. In some cases server access is required.

E Team Operations and Training databases are independent of each other. Configuration is required within each database.  Contact for assistance in copying configuration between the databases.

The E Team application consists of both:

System configuration documents, each containing information that is critical to the E Team application.

  • General Configuration (shown as Configuration in the menu)
  • DRS Configuration
  • Data Sharing Configuration
  • GIS Configuration
  • Custom Forms Configuration
  • User Registration Configuration
  • Archiving Configuration

Optional configuration documents, each containing information that is critical to setting up interfaces to other systems supported by E Team.

  • IPAWS Interoperability Configuration
  • NC4 Risk Center-to-E Team Configuration
  • Everbridge Configuration
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