NC4 - E Team - R9.8 Using E Team - Incident Report Unit Assignments

E Team users have the ability to make unit assignments from within the Incident Report. This feature provides a mechanism to make assignments, set status for each assignment made, and to release all units, thus making them available for new/other assignments.

  • The Unit Assignment field can be found on the Basic Info tab of the Incident Report form.
  • Only E Team users, with an active Personal Profile document that includes data in the ID No. field on that Profile document can be considered for assignment.
  • You may make multiple assignments within an Incident, however, each unit/personnel can only be assigned to one Incident at a time. 

 Making a Unit Assignment

  1. Locate and place the Incident in Update mode.
  2. In the Assigned Units field, click on the Select option. 
  3. In the assignment window place a check in box to the left of each listing to be assigned AND set the status for each. If you do not both check and set status the assignment will not be valid.
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  4. When done click OK.

Clearing Assignments/Releasing Units

There are multiple ways to clear/release assignments:

  1. To clear/release a single assignment follow the steps to make a unit assignment and simply set the line item status to Green-Clear. This will remove the check to left of the listing and on click of OK release the unit.
  2. To clear all assignments within an Incident at one time, click the Release Units option to the right of the Assigned Units field. This will set the status for all to Green-Clear, making them available for other assignments.
  3. Closing the Incident by setting the Status to Blue-Report Closed releases all units.
  4. Deleting the Incident releases all units.

Viewing All Unit Status

The current status of all units (all active Profiles containing an ID No. field value) can be seen by navigating to Event/Incident/Activity > Incident > Unit Assignments.

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It is recommended that you do NOT use the Delete option in this view. Since this is an Incident view, making a selection here and hitting delete will delete the Incident itself. 

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