NC4 - E Team - R9.8 Using E Team - Creating Map Overlays

  • Your ability to work with overlays is determined by the permissions given to your
    E Team user account ID. You must be a member of the ETeam Managers or System Admin group, be a member of ETeam Editors or a customer group AND also a member if the ETeam Map Overlays group, or been given the permission ETMapOverlay.
  • All work on overlays is done while in the map viewer window.
  • Each tool initially displays in gray indicating it is inactive. Tools change from gray to blue, to indicate active state when selected, except where noted.
  • When available, help text will display on the screen for the selected tool when the tool is made active.
  • Tools remain active until a new tool is selected or the active tool is clicked again, except where noted. 

Overlay Tools

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Overlay Features

Once you have drawn a shape on the map you can add features to each shape by selecting the Edit Features tool and then clicking on the shape to be edited. The table below provides information on the features available for each shape type.

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Creating Overlays

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Viewing Overlays

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Editing Overlays

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Deleting Overlays

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