NC4 - E Team - R9.8 Configuration Documents - User Registration Configuration

E Team User Registration gives a prospective E Team user the ability to self-register and request access to your E Team system. The full registration process includes: 

  • Ability to enable/disable this feature within the General Configuration Document.
  • User Registration Configuration which allows you to designate user(s) that will be able to approve/reject requests for access to the system.
  • User Registration which results in a request for access.
  • Registration approval/rejection.

Users who self-register and are subsequently approved will have a valid user document and profile in both the Operations and Training databases.

Although the user document and profile are generated in both databases during the approval process, they must be maintained independently in each database. Once generated, changes made to either of these documents in Operations will NOT cause an update to these documents in Training and vice versa.

User Registration Configuration Document

The User Registration Configuration document allows you to select the user(s) to be notified when a new registration request has been made.

The system is delivered with a single Registration Configuration document that cannot be deleted.

  1. Select User Registration (view) under Administration from the menu, and then select Registration Configuration. The system displays the User Registration Configuration available in the center View Frame.
  2. Click the hyperlink to open the Registration Configuration document.
  3. Click the Update button.
  4. Enter the necessary data. When you are finished, click on Submit to save and close the document.

    For the first two (2) fields the selection window will display only users who have completed and submitted their E Team profiles and have been given the privilege ETRegistrationApprover. This privilege is provided by default to those in the group ETeam System Admin.
    • User to Notify When No Agency/Department Specific Match: Click Select and chose the default user to be notified via email when a registration request cannot be matched to a designated user for the Agency/Department entered on the registration document.
    • User(s) to Notify for Each Agency/Department: Click Select and chose user(s) to be notified via email when a registration request has been made for the applicable Agency/Department entered on the registration document.
    • From/Reply: Enter the email to be used by the system when generating approval/rejection responses for each registration request.
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