NC4 - E Team - R9.8 Administration and Management - Restoring Archived Documents

The E Team Data Archive feature allows users with proper rights to configure the system to archive data by date range, based on Last Modified Date/Time, or by Event Name.  Reporting on archived documents can be accomplished using standard reporting tools. 

  • Archived documents can be restored to E Team history by users who are members of the ETeam Restore Archive group, or who have been given the role ETeam Archive Restorer. This role is not included in any delivered groups and must be intentionally assigned by your organization with proper rights.
  • Archived documents are searchable.
  • Archive by Date supports the archive of all non-static documents that have an internal status of Deleted, and that fall within the specified date range. The document’s entire history will also be archived. The last version of an archived document can be viewed in the view for Archived documents, located under each report type.
  • Archive by Event allows user to archive all non-static documents where the Related Event or Event/Incident/Activity field matches that of the Event to be archived. The By Event option archives related documents and their history regardless of its current status. Events and related documents can be restored by restoring the Event with which they were archived.
  • Archived documents are restored to same state as when archived.

To restore an archived document do the following:

  1. Locate the archived document listing using search or by viewing the archive view listing associated with the report type.
    Archive listings include only one listing for each document, the deleted copy of the archived document.
  2. Launch the document by clicking on the report link.
  3. Click the Restore button at the top of the document.
    The system will display a restore confirmation dialog.
  4. Close the restore dialog.
    The restored document, including all history, will again be accessible from within the applicable history view. 

When restoring an Event, the restored document and related documents archived along with the Event, including all history, will again be accessible from within the applicable history and active views.

If you wish to then further restore a previously deleted document to active status follow the steps to Restore History.

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