NC4 - E Team - R9.8 Using E Team - Defining Your Map View

Each time you launch the Map Viewer the window will display the default configuration as last set by your administrator. Users can keep their map window open throughout each E Team session and refresh report activity using the refresh option as described in Using Map Tools.

  • Click on the Map icon in the Main Window Tools Frame to open the map viewer.

User-added image 

  • To change the map displayed, select the Base Map Gallery tool User-added image  from the top right
    toolbar then select the desired basemap. 
  • To change the map extent to a predefined area, select the Bookmark tool User-added image  from the
    top right toolbar then click on an existing bookmark.
  • To select E Team report data layers, or overlays you wish to have displayed on your
    map, select the Data Layers tool User-added image  from top right toolbar then select/deselect applicable
    • When working with Custom Layers you can display all or some of the available sub-layers.
    • For non-WMS layers, click the custom layer listing to expand the sub-layer options and make selections.
    • For WMS layers, click the layer listing, then click the settings tool User-added image to the right of the listing, and make selections in the window that displays, when done click OK a the bottom of the window.
  • When multiple report data layers overlay on the map an image similar to this User-added image will display on the map. Click this cluster image to see a complete listing. Click on a listing to display additional data.


  1. The map will automatically refresh as each new selection is made.
  2. When you change Bookmarks the system redraws the map at the configured level for each bookmark (also referred to as extent). For example, if you are zoomed into California and then select New York, the new map will display at the level/extent as configured for that bookmark within your system.
  3. When you change Base Maps, the new map will display at the current level/extent. For example if you have zoomed into a specific New York county then change the Base Map, the new map will displayed at the zoomed in extent for the New York county you were viewing. 
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