NC4 - E Team - R9.8 Installation / Upgrade - Checking the Success of an Installation

  1. Open Internet Explorer and type in the URL to access the E Team Application. The URL will be http://servername:portnumber/customername or    https://servername:portnumber/customername.
  2. Click on Operations and enter the username and password ‘admin/admin’ in the new window.
  3. The E Team Application will be launched.
  4. Login, then fill in required fields in profile, enter a secret question and answer, then Submit.
  5. The All Reports View by Event/Incident/Activity will be the default view on the landing page.
  6. Select GIS Configuration under Administration on the menu. The NC4 Map Module administration window will open in admin. You must complete the GIS Configuration default setting options as outlined here before performing step 10 below.
  7. Select Incident from the menu. The Incident by Status view page will display.
  8. Click the Create button. The Incident Report create page will display.
  9. Fill in the required information on the Basic Info tab.
  10. On the Geo Location tab, enter an address into the Geo-location and click on Geo-locate by Address. Accept the address.
  11. On the Notification tab, set Send Notification to Yes and enter a valid email address.
  12. Click the Submit button to submit the incident form.
  13. On the Attachments tab, click the Add From File button and attach any file from your computer. The attachment should be displayed.
  14. From the top Toolbar, select the Map. The Map opens in a new window.
  15. Select the Data Layers widget on the top right toolbar.
  16. Expand the E Team option and check Incident option. You should be able to see the geo-located address as an icon and the overlay you created on the map.
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