CC: Control Center Incident Communications User Guide

Describes how to use Control Center Incident Communications to launch an incident notification in response to a Control Center alarm. When responding to an alarm, you need to choose an action that represents the best way to handle a situation. For example, an alarm may have been triggered in one of your main warehouses and you want to inform your stakeholders so that they can immediately respond to the situation.

Control Center Incident Communications allows you to launch an incident in Everbridge Suite. You can use a pre-defined incident template, with predetermined contacts and messages that can be broadcast to virtually any communications device. This allows you to automate who messages are sent to based on their location and the alarm severity and type

From Everbridge Suite, you can send updates or new incident notifications as your situation changes. Finally, you can export report data to analyse and review performance and trends over a period of time.

Click on the PDF to download the Control Center Incident Communications Guide.

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