NC4 - E Team - R9.8 Configuration Documents - E Team Data Replication Services Configuration (DRS)

E Team Data Replication Services (DRS) enables two installations of E Team to share data with each other in a synchronous manner. 

  • E Team DRS will be used to replicate data between two installations of E Team.
  • All reports, except the time zone, non-editable configuration information and GIS Configuration, will be replicated.
  • DRS will share replicated data with the remote system in a near-real time manner.
  • DRS will not replicate reports/data entered into the E Team system before DRS configuration is setup. However, DRS will replicate reports as soon as they are updated after DRS configuration is setup.

Both E Team systems MUST be configured properly for Data Replication to work. The following information must be shared, and identified within each system's DRS Configuration document:

  • User ID
  • User Password
  • Remote Server IP and Port
  • Customer ID
  • Protocol Used – HTTP or HTTPS

You must create a document for each data replicating partner.

  1. Select DRS Configuration under Administration from the menu. The DRS Configuration view page will display.
  2. The system displays a list of DRS Configuration reports.
  3. Click the Create button to create a new DRS Configuration. The System opens a report in the new window in update mode.
  4. Enter the information required, when done click Submit.
    • Host IP: Enter the hostname or IP of the remote system you have chosen to replicate data with.
    • Port: Enter the port on which the application server of the remote system you have chosen to replicate data with is listening on.
    • Context Name: Enter the E Team Customer Name of the remote system you have chosen to replicate data with. (assumed to be the same for all E Team Installations of a customer).
    • Protocol: Select the protocol for the remote server provided above. Options are http or https.
    • User ID: Enter a valid E Team username with admin privileges for the application on the remote system.
    • Password: Enter the Password for the username entered above.
    • Status: Select Enable to set replication to Active. Select Disable to Inactive DRS.
    • Email Notification List: Enter emails separated by comma. Notifications will go out to recipients listed in case of DRS failure due to network reasons.
    • System ID: Enter the E Team System ID of the remote system you have chosen to replicate data with.
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