NC4 - E Team - R9.8 Administration and Management - Admin Queues

Notification Queue

The Notification Queue provides a way in which to view the status of all notifications sent from within your E Team reports and to clear the queue history as needed.

  1. Select Notification Queue under Administration from the menu. The system displays a list of documents in the Notification Queue View Frame.
  2. To delete a document from the queue, check the associated check-box on the left and press the Delete button.
  3. To delete all the documents in the queue, check the topmost check-box and press the Delete button.

Auto Closure Queue
The Auto Closure Queue provides a means to view the status of all Events that have been selected for Auto Closure processing. The queue is located under the Administration menu and contains a link to each Event Report, identifies the Event Type (Emergency or Planned), provides the Date/Time of Event Closure, Name of the user taking the action, and the current status of the Auto Closure process. The view allows users to drill-down to review a copy of all documents affected by the closure. 

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