NC4: Risk Center - Analysis

  • Situation Reports (SitReps) – Provide timely, in-depth, contextual information about events that may impact organizational strategic planning, assets, supply chain resiliency, and traveler and corporate security. The reports include the latest developments of tactical and strategic importance on complex events worldwide.
  • NC4 Risk Center - Special Events – Address security risks and vulnerabilities for large-scale, high-profile planned and unplanned events around the globe. Planned events are typically attended by numerous national and international dignitaries or are of a sensitive nature so that significant planning is required to secure the impacted location(s) before and during the event. Briefs for unplanned events such as hurricanes, wildfires, or terrorist attacks correlate and refine the wide-range of disparate information available. Special Event Briefs focus on the primary impacts of the event, as well as secondary impacts like roadway closures, airspace closures, associated protests, power outages and more. Special Event Briefs bring clarity in the midst of chaos by providing a single, clear, concise, and verified narrative on the event.
  • Topical Reports – For longer-term, multi-dimensional risk factors, NC4 may issue comprehensive reports whenever conditions warrant focused, in-depth topical attention. Topical examples include reports pertaining to global public health concerns, violence related to drug cartels in Central and South America as well as major trends in global terrorism.
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