NC4 Risk Center - Navigating within a Report - Historical Reporting

Upon clicking the View Report button, the system will generate the report, as shown in Figure 15. From the report, you may:

  • Page up and down to view the incident information available within the report. This allows you to view all the data in the report to determine if further refining of the criteria needs to be made.
  • If further refinement is needed, use the Close Report button to close the report and return to the prior page, Report Display Options.
  • Click the PDF Export button to save it as a PDF document.
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Navigating the report may appear different than shown here, based on the browser you’re using. If the browser does not use the Adobe plugin, you can click on the Download report link, as shown in Figure 16.


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Figure 15 – Example Report

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Figure 16 – Example Report (2)

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