NC4: Risk Center - Traveler Search - ActivTravel User's Guide

The Traveler Search feature, as shown following, gives users the ability to search traveler itineraries by a variety of search parameters, including first name, last name, 2-letter airline designator, flight number, start date, end date, or by record locator.

User-added image
Traveler Search feature

Search by Itinerary

Enter as little or as much information available into the fields as shownabove, and then click the search button to locate traveler itineraries that match your query. The results of the search will display in ascending order by travel date, as shown below.

The search results are color-coded, based on the Country Risk Rating for the traveler’s current location. Using the below search as an example, Leslie Higgins’ current location (Monterrey, Mexico) carries a high risk rating, as indicated by the orange-color band behind her name. For more detailed information on the ratings, refer to NC4 Risk Center - Administering ActivTravel in the Using NC4 Risk Center Maps section.

User-added image
Color-coded travel search results

  1. Click the Download Summary to Text shown at the top of the view to download the information shown to a .txt file.
  2. Click the (detail) link shown next to the traveler’s record locator to view the details of their itinerary.

Search by Locator

If you know the traveler’s record locator for the trip, you can enter it directly into the Record Locator field, as shown in the top image above, to view their travel itinerary.

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