NC4: Risk Center - Traveler Itinerary - ActivTravel User's Guide

Within the Travelers section of NC4 Risk Center, ActivTravel members have the ability to access Traveler Reports, conduct Traveler Searches and create and manage Employee travel records.

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When logged into the system as an ActivTravel user, the reports shown are Non-Administrator Reports, so only traveler data for your assigned business unit or sub-organization is displayed.

Administrator Reports have the same features described following, but will include traveler data for the entire organization and sub-organizations if selected. To select multiple organizations, CTRL-click on each to be included in the report.

What you Need to Know

  • Throughout the application, you can clear data in the current Content Panel view by using the green arrow icon User-added image in the upper right corner of the Content Panel.
  • Throughout the application, clicking on a linked Record Locator number will open the corresponding itinerary.
    • View the arrival and departure times in your time zone by hovering your mouse over the date/time that is underlined in red, as shown in the Viewing arrival and departure times in your time zone image below.
    • See at-a-glance the risk rating(s) for the travel location(s), which are shown as green, yellow, orange or red colored dots next to the location, and the type of travel arrangement for each segment, which is shown as one of these icons:

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Viewing arrival and departure times in your time zone

Dissecting an Itinerary

Travel itineraries contain the following information:

  • Traveler’s name and email address
  • Travel dates
  • Segments
    • Depending on the amount of information provided for the itinerary, each segment of a trip is easily identified by the icon shown to the left of the travel location. Using the above Viewing arrival and departure times in your time zone image as an example, Kyle Gray is departing Bogota, Colombia on 11/4 en route to Cartagena, Colombia. Once in Cartagena, he will be staying in a hotel for the period of 11/4 – 11/15. Hotel segments are linked items, and when clicked, a new browser window will open with the hotel’s information. Kyle Gray is scheduled to depart Cartagena on 11/17, returning to Bogota. Each segment of this trip carries a high risk rating, as identified by the orange dot next to each segment location.
  • Record locator
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