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ActivTravel provides members the ability to fulfill duty of care obligations by creating, implementing and enforcing travel policies as part of a pre-trip advisory, and monitoring employee compliance with stated policies.

Pre-trip advisories are automatically sent to travelers at the time of booking. In addition to location-specific corporate travel policies, advisories might also include items such as recent security threats, third party medical evacuation information, health and safety risks, visa requirements, or even a photo of the driver assigned to pick the traveler up at the airport.

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Only Organization Administrators have the ability to create and manage travel policies.

Organization and Sub-organizations

From the Organizations and Sub-organizations navigation, select the Manage Travel Policy tab, as shown in following image below.

Manage Travel Policy

What you Need to Know

  • Travel policies are directly correlated to the Country Risk Ratings. For more detailed information on these ratings, refer to Country Risk Ratings within the Maps section in the NC4 Risk Center User Guide.
  • Mandatory travel policies require the traveler to confirm that they have received the instructions pertaining to the policy and accept that they have read and are in compliance with the policy. All travel policy compliance confirmations are archived in the system.

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Managing travel policies

  1. To create a new policy, click the Add button for the rating level for which you wish to create a policy, as shown above. If the policy already exists in the system, you may update the policy by clicking the Update button.

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    Creating a new travel policy

  2. Enter a Title for the rating level’s travel policy, as shown above.
  3. Enter the Text that will be shown on the fully automated, customizable pre-trip advisory that is sent to the traveler(s).
  4. If the policy is Mandatory, place a check in the box. Making the policy Mandatory adds the Affirm button to the Pre-Trip Advisory, prompting the traveler to indicate his understanding and intent to comply. Click the Add button when completed.
  5. If the policy already exists in the system, make the needed changes, and then click the Update button.

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Updating an existing travel policy

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Contact your NC4 account manager for additional information on customizing pre-trip advisories.

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