NC4 Risk Center - Icons and What They Mean - ActivPoint User's Guide

The image shown below, shows the different icons that are used within the ActivPoint application. From left to right, the icons indicate:

  • The geofence breach notification icon will display if you are inside a no-go zone or outside of a safe zone. It will not display if you are not in breach or if you have no assigned geofences.
  • The proximity icon displays if there is an incident nearby, according to your proximity settings for the given severity level. For more information, see the section below on Personal Proximity Warnings
  • The status icon will be normal, as shown here, unless you have activated the Distress Signal, at which point it will show Distress status.
  • The position reporting icon will be as shown if you have enabled position reporting on the device. This same icon, with a line through it, will be shown if position reporting for the device has been disabled. For more information, see the section on Report My Position.

 User-added image
Icons used in ActivPoint app

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