NC4: Risk Center - Member Profiles - ActivTravel User's Guide

Member Profiles are typically created for an organization’s travel managers or those that need to be kept abreast of emerging situations that may have an impact on the organizations’ travelers. Creating Member Profiles is similar to the instructions previously described for creating NC4 Risk Center - Member Profiles - ActivTravel User's Guide found in the Administration and Configuration section.

  • The organizations’ Administrators will see all the profiles for the organizations that they have administrative rights to, regardless of who created or updated them.
  • The My Profiles tab shows the profiles that are assigned to the travel manager/administrative user, regardless of the user’s status as an administrator, or who created the profile.

Overall Settings

  1. Enter a Profile Name and a Short Description of the profile that will clarify its specific purpose.
  2. Select your preference for receiving incident alerts from NC4 by selecting the corresponding radio button next to Send Notifications for.
  3. Select the appropriate Profile Type radio button.
    • Location – use this Profile Type if you are creating a Member Profile that is location-specific. You can specify the incidents you receive alerts for based on the distance from your travelers’ locations and the severity level.
    • Region – use this Profile Type if you are creating a Member Profile for an entire region. If you have travelers in the region and an incident occurs that meet the alerting criteria, an alert will be triggered. The distance from your traveler(s) will not be calculated.
  4. Select the appropriate Profile Activation radio button.
  5. Select if you want this to be delivered as a Global Intelligence Relay only. No individual alerts will be sent to the travel users associated to this Member Profile if this box is checked.
  6. Check all of the appropriate Incident Categories from the list. For Real-time Incidents, further granularity can be added by selecting the specific type(s) within each incident category. Clicking on the linked incident category will expand the view to include specific types within that incident category.


When Location is selected for Profile Type on the Overall Settings tab, the system will provide the Perimeters tab. Setting the perimeters is the same as described above.


When Region is selected for Profile Type on the Overall Settings tab, the system will provide the Regions tab. You will need to complete the following fields on the Region tab, as shown here, to create a new Region-based profile:

User-added image
Region-based Member Profile

  1. Select the Severity levels for the alerts you want to receive, by checking/unchecking the box.
  2. Define the Time Window in days.
  3. Make selections from the RegionCountryState and/or County drop-down fields by highlighting the selection, and right clicking it, which adds it to the Selected Region(s), Country(ies), State(s) and/or County(ies) list box.

    User-added image


    Select as many Region(s), Country(ies), State(s) and/or County(ies) as you need by returning to the drop-down list, making another selection, and right clicking it.

  4. Confirm that the entries in the list box are accurate. Highlight any inaccurate entries and click on the Remove button to remove them from the list box.

Associating Users and/or Groups to Member Profiles


 User-added image

You must assign at least one User or Group to a Member Profile.

  1. Click on the tab, User/Groups, as shown below, and select those who you would like to assign to the profile. To select Individuals, highlight Available individuals from the box on the left and click the Add button to add them to the Selected box on the right.

    User-added image
Assigning Users and/or Groups to a Member Alert Profile
  1. To remove Individuals, highlight Selected individuals in the box on the right and click the Remove button.
  2. Click Save when you have completed your entries.

Creating Other Intel Member Profiles

The basic steps for creating Member Profiles for Other Intel are similar to creating NC4 Risk Center - Settings which can be found in the Using NC4 Risk Center Settings section. As an Administrator, the only additional information you will need to provide are the Users/Groups, as shown above, that will be assigned to the Other Intel Organizational Profile.

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