NC4: E Team and IOS Devices - FAQ

There is a known issue when using IOS devices (iPad/iPhone) in the field with E Team. The right targeted alerts and search frames move off the screen to the right making the main screen virtually unusable. NC4 has been investigating this issue and after using some of the “Experimental WebKit Features” on newer IOS updates, we have found a combination of two (2) experimental settings that resolve this issue. NC4 is continuing to work through and resolve this issue in code however, until such time as this type of fix can be released, the following setting changes to your IOS device should allow our users to use E Team on these devices while in the field.

On device go to:

  1. Settings
  2. Safari
  3. Advanced
  4. Experimental Features
    If you do not have this option, ensure your operating system is up to date, and check again. If you still do not have this option please provide support with device being used and the version of your operating system.
  5. Enable the following 2 options:
    1. Accessibility Object Model
    2. Async Frame Scrolling
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