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While most of your traveler’s information will be automatically collected from your TMC and consolidated into ActivTravel, there may be times where you need to create a manual itinerary, or modify an existing itinerary.

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ActivTravel can collect travel data from multiple GDSs, TMCs, internal databases, private aircraft operators, Human Resource feeds, and others. Please contact your NC4 account manager for additional information.

Only Organization and ActivTravel Administrators have access to Employee Management.

Existing Employees

Creating a New Itinerary

To create a new trip itinerary for an existing employee:

  1. Select the employee from the drop down picklist, as shown here. You may also type their first or last name into the Employee Name field. As you type, the list will filter out any names that do not contain the string you have typed.
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    Creating a new trip itinerary for an existing employee

  2. Click the Select button. The employee’s details record will display, as shown here.
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Employee details record
  1. Click the link Add Trip to add a new trip itinerary for this individual. An itinerary summary document displays, as shown here.
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Creating a new itinerary
  1. Select from the links as needed to: Add Flight SegmentAdd Lodging SegmentAdd Train Segment; or Add Rental Segment. Each selection will open a new window where you will enter the appropriate information for the travel segment.
  2. When all the information has been entered for the travel segment, click the Save button.

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Adding a flight segment

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Adding a lodging segment

  1. To select a lodging location, select either a previously created location from the existing location picklist or create a new lodging location using the Create Location button, as shown above.
  2. Clicking the Create Location button opens a new window, as shown following. Give the new location a descriptive name (e.g. DoubleTree by Hilton or Corporate Housing), then complete the Country, Address, City, and ZIP Code fields and click the Geo Locate button to generate latitude/longitude coordinates. Click Accept when completed. The system will store custom lodging locations for re-use on later trips.
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Custom location creation form
  1. To select an existing location, click the down arrow to the right of the field Use Picklist or Enter Text to Search as shown in the Adding a lodging segment image under #5 above. A new window will display, as shown following, showing the available options to choose from. Place your cursor over the lodging location you want and click to select it.

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    Existing lodging locations

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    Adding a train segment

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    Adding a car rental segment

  2. To select a travel date using the calendar feature, click the calendar icon shown next to the field. A calendar will open, as shown below, allowing you to select the date and time for this travel segment. You can also define the time zone setting preference. Click the Done button when the date and time have been set.
    • Local Time – The local time at the specified location
    • GMT Time – Greenwich Mean Time
    • System Time – Your computer’s system time
    • Profile Time – The time according to your NC4 user profile settings

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      Calendar feature
  3. If a location does not appear in the drop down list provided, click the Geolocate button next to the field. Using the standard NC4 Risk Center geolocation feature, as shown following, select the location either by address or by locating on the map. Click the Accept button when the location has been identified. Refer to the Using NC4 Risk Center Locations for more information on using the Geolocation feature.

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Geolocation feature

Editing or Deleting an Existing Itinerary

To edit or delete an existing trip itinerary:

  1. Select the employee from the drop down picklist, as shown in the image above, Creating a new trip itinerary for an existing employee. You may also type their first or last name into the Employee Name field. Click the Select button to view the employee’s details record.
  2. From the employee’s details record, click the link View All Trips to view a list of trips for the employee. Select the trip to be updated from the list, and click the link Show/edit or Delete, as appropriate, as shown in the first image that follows. The itinerary will open in a new window, as shown in second image that follows.

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    Editing or deleting an itinerary


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    Editing or deleting a travel segment

  3. Within each segment type, select from the links as needed to either Edit or Delete the segment.

Automatic Creation/Update of Employee Records during Trip Processing

With Release 7.3, new TMC-generated trips are automatically associated with persistent ActivTravel employee records upon processing. If no matching employee record exists at time of processing, a stub employee record is created to which the trip will be associated. Consequently, every employee that has ever taken a trip will have at least a basic employee record and a trip history within ActivTravel’s Employee Management module. This enhancement makes ActivTravel’s data model more traveler-centric as opposed to trip-centric and greatly facilitates traveler data management. This will also give ActivTravel administrative users the ability to add and remove custom segments to agency-generated trips, allowing them to merge in data on supplemental travel plans made outside of normal reservation channels.

Adding Employees

To create trip itineraries for new employees, you must first create an Employee Record in the system.

Adding a Single Employee

  1. Click the link Add Single Employee below the Add Employee(s) area as shown following. The window will expand to include fields for entering new employee information.

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    Creating a new Employee Record

  2. Enter the new employee’s information, including first and last name, email address, phone number and business unit / Sub-organization. When complete, click the Create button.
  3. Once the employee record has been created, you can then create a new trip itinerary as described for Existing Employees above.

Importing Employees via CSV

If you have several employees to be added to the system, you can import the information using a CSV file.

  1. Click the link Import Employees via CSV below the Add Employee(s) area. The window will expand, providing instructions for a CSV import, as shown below. You may also click the Download Sample CSV link to download a template for use in collecting employee data to be imported.

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Importing multiple Employee Records using a CSV file

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