NC4: Risk Center - Settings for My Information - Administration and Configuration

The My Information section for Administrators is the same as for Users as discussed in NC4 Risk Center - Settings for My Information - Administration and Configuration under the Using NC4 Risk Center section, with the following additional capability: from the My Organization tab, it lists your Root Organization and associated Sub-organizations that you have access privileges to view and update.

User-added image
Administrator access to viewing Organizations and Sub-organizations

In the Organization column, shown above, the Organization and Sub-organizations which you have access to view and update are shown as links. Clicking the link will open the Update Organization/Sub-organization window (refer to Administration articles for additional information).

The three columns on the right side of the window are only available to Administrators. These columns provide links to the following:

  • List of Users
  • List of Sub-orgs
  • List of Groups
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