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Global Flashpoints are brief, contextual reports of social, economic, travel risk and geopolitical developments. Designed to complement NC4’s comprehensive analysis and real-time alerting, members use Global Flashpoints to stay informed of world events that may affect corporate interests. The following is a list of event and topic categories specific to Global Flashpoints and Global Insights briefing:

  • Aviation & Air Travel
  • Civil Unrest
  • Crime
  • Economic Development
  • Environmental/Meteorological
  • Fire/Explosion/HAZMAT
  • Humanitarian
  • Infrastructure
  • Kidnapping
  • Labor Action
  • Maritime
  • Military/Insurgent Activity
  • Military Action
  • Natural Disaster
  • Political/Legal Development
  • Protest
  • Public Health
  • Security Development
  • Security Explosion
  • Terrorism
  • Transportation
  • Travel Warnings and Restrictions

A single Global Flashpoint or Global Insights briefing may be:

  • Assigned multiple categories when a development or event pertains to multiple topical issues, and/or,
  • Tagged with multiple countries if a development, event or item impacts several different countries, a multi-national region or the entire world.

Like NC4’s Real-time alert content, Global Flashpoints and Global Insights briefings are assigned a severity level on a five point scale (Unknown, Minor, Moderate, Severe, Extreme). Generally, the severity levels of Global Flashpoint and Global Insights briefings will correspond to the NC4 Incident Severity Levels outlined for Real-time alert content.

The category and severity of a Global Flashpoint can be viewed directly from the Situation Map, as shown here.

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Global Flashpoints as shown on Situation Map

What You Need To Know

  • Current Flashpoints – Within Global Flashpoints, the current day’s Flashpoints, as shown following, are grouped by region, in alphabetical order. These brief, contextual reports provide timely details of social, economic and geopolitical developments across the world. Events and topics that may be of extended duration may remain on the Global Flashpoints page for several days. In general however, Flashpoints are created and appear throughout the day and night as conditions warrant and generally expire after 24 hours.

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Global Flashpoints

  • Search – The Global Flashpoints search tool, as shown in Figure 30, enables users to search NC4 archives for country- or region-specific Global Flashpoints and Analytical Briefs, for a specific date or date range. Complete the desired fields to narrow your search criteria.
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Analytical Briefs are a part of the optionally available Global Insights analysis module. Please contact your NC4 account manager for additional information.


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Global Flashpoints search tool

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