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Create Mobile Tracking Profiles

Creating Alert Profiles for ActivPoint is similar to creating other NC4 Risk Center Alert Profiles. With ActivPoint’s Mobile Tracking Profiles, you can create Alert Profiles to receive alerts about what is happening around your ActivPoint users, for four event types:

  • Incident Proximity
  • Geofence
  • Distress
  • Battery Low

This allows ActivPoint Administrators to be notified about any and all events that could have a safety and security impact on their mobile users.

ActivPoint Administrators can create mobile tracking profiles from the Settings: Alert Profiles section of the Navigation Panel.

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Refer to the main User Guide for detailed instructions on creating Alert Profiles.

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Overall Settings tab on a Mobile Tracking Profile

  1. The information provided on the Overall Settings tab is similar to other Alert Profiles with the exception of the section, How do you want to handle a device that moves into a perimeter. This selection pertains to the Incident Proximity alert type. Select from the options provided, as shown in below.
  2. From the Tracking tab, as shown here, select the Device Alert Types for which you want to receive alert notifications.

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    Tracking tab on a Mobile Tracking Profile

  3. Select the Severity perimeter that will trigger Incident Proximity alerts.

  4. Assign Members and/or Groups that you wish to track.

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    If Report My Position has been disabled on a device, it will be overridden only when the device triggers a Distress signal.


  5. From the Users/Groups tab, as shown below, select the Users and/or Groups of users that will be alerted based on this profile.

  6. Click Save when you have completed the information on this tab.

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Assigning Users/Groups to the Mobile Alert Profile

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