NC4: Risk Center - Location-Based Alert Profiles - Settings

When Location is selected for Profile Type on the Overall Settings tab, the system will automatically display your registered locations, as shown in the following image, on the Location/Region tab. You can select and associate any or all of your registered locations to the profile by placing a check in the box in front of the Location Name.

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Location-based Real-time Intel Alert Profile

You will need to complete the following fields on the Location/Region tab to create a new Location-based profile: 

  1. Determine the area (in miles or kilometers) around the location(s) that you want to monitor.
  2. Enter the distances into each of the Severity Level fields provided. Any incident that falls within this defined perimeter, and also meets your other profile criteria, will trigger an alert. With your location as the virtual epicenter, you can enter any distance in miles or kilometers, including decimals, such as .25.
  3. Or, you can use the Preset Values by clicking on Tight PerimeterMedium Perimeter, or Wide Perimeter to automatically fill the Severity fields.
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    The default value is for the Medium Perimeter.

  4. Place a check in the box in front of the locations that you want to include in the new location Alert Profile. You can select all of the locations listed on the currently visible page by checking the top box in the column heading. You can select all locations on all location pages by clicking the Select All button.
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    You must select at least one location from the list.

  5. Select if you would like to view Proximity Alerts Only and/or Proximity Warnings.
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Enabling proximity warnings will place a flashing proximity warning icon around the location(s) on the Situation Map, when an incident triggers this Alert Profile.

The displaying of proximity warnings on the Situation Map for a location will be seen by all users who have access privileges for that location.

Acknowledgement of the proximity warnings can only be done by an administrator or user that has been granted the rights to do so.

Searching Locations

If you have numerous registered locations in the system, the list of locations presented here may be lengthy. Using the New Search feature enables you to quickly find the locations you want to include in your new Alert Profile. It enables you to search for a location based on a set of search criteria that you define.

  1. Click on the New Search button. The Search Criteria fields are displayed for your data entry, as shown here.

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    Searching locations for a Real-time Intel Alert Profile
  2. Select the Field to sort by, then select an appropriate Operator, and indicate a Value. Complete as many rows as needed to refine the search.

    User-added image

    Refer to the section on selecting filter criteria, in the article NC4 Risk Center - Location Reports, for descriptions for using the Operators.

  3. Click the Search button to display the results. Select the locations that you want to include in your new location Alert Profile.
  4. Click Save to save this Alert Profile.

You can perform multiple searches by performing one search, selecting the locations, then clearing the search, and performing another and then add those locations to the existing list.

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