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Global Insights is an add-on feature to the NC4 Risk Center solution. Global Insight members have access to the Global Intelligence Relay, which is a customized summary of NC4 content delivered at the specified time and with the specific intelligence requested. The Global Intelligence Relay is based on alert profiling, so it ensures that the intelligence that populates the document is relevant and valuable. Real-time Incident alerts as well as all other NC4 intelligence such as ActivWeather, internal ISA incidents, Global Flashpoints and analytical briefings can all be included into a single summary document. The first page of the Global Intelligence Relay contains several charts to provide a summary of your operational exposure with just a glance. Information on this first page is also useful in directing your attention to the subsequent pages that provide detailed event information.

And, since the Global Intelligence Relay can be customized with profiles that only populate it, you can configure NC4 Risk Center so that alerts that match certain severity levels, regions/countries, or other parameters get rolled up into a Global Intelligence Relay, without necessarily sending individual alerts for each incident. Uses may include:

  • Capture intelligence overnight (e.g. 5 pm to 8 am) and deliver to you by 9 am
  • Capture intelligence over a 24-hour period and deliver every day by 5pm for end-of-shift review
  • Capture intelligence during other time periods relevant to the schedules of your executives, operations managers, or analysts

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Configuring the Global Intelligence Relay

  1. Click on the appropriate Format and Delivery Method radio button.
    • Complete Relay includes all of the intelligence available (e.g. the full description of a Real-time Incident) that pertains to the specified alert profile(s) identified in step #4 below.
    • Abbreviated Relay includes abbreviated information (e.g. a synopsis of a Real-time Incident) that pertains to the specified alert profile(s) identified in step #4 below.
  1. Enter a Title that will appear on the report.
  2. Select the Daily and/or Multi-Day Schedule(s) for when you would like the Global Intelligence Relay to be generated.
  3. Select the Alert Profiles that you would like to be used for generating the content to be included in the Global Intelligence Relay
  4. Indicate whether you wish to include Manually Selected Recipient List alerts (for ISA members only) by placing a check in the box.
  5. Click Save. When the Global Intelligence Relay has been generated, you will receive an email notification that it is available for download.
  6. Upon notification that the Global Intelligence Relay is available for download, proceed to the Download tab, and select the relay(s) you wish to download.
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Global Intelligence Relays are available from NC4 Risk Center for up to 21 days.

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