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One of the key features of NC4 Risk Center is the ability to customize the delivery of intelligence so that it is relevant to you and your organization. The driving factors behind this capability are the Alert Profiles that you define and the methodology analysts employ to report incidents, categorize intel, and provide you with meaningful information. There are three basic profile types for which you can create specific Alert Profiles

  • Real-time Intel,
  • Other Intel, and
  • ActivWeather.

There are a number of other profile types within each of these basic types, as well as additional profile types available for Administrators and for users with access to optional modules.

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Administrators can create Admin Alert Profiles on behalf of their organization and assign access to them.

The image that follows shows the Content Panel for Alert Profiles. The tabs are hierarchal, with the three higher-level tabs representing the type of Alert Profile you wish to create.

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Alert Profiles

  • Real-time Intel Profiles – NC4 analysts specify the incident category, sub-type and severity level of real-time incidents and advisories, geo-locating the incident to a specific latitude and longitude. Using this criteria – category, type, severity and location – you can create a Real-time Intel Alert Profile so that you only receive alerts pertaining to incidents that could impact your organization and/or fall under your scope of responsibility.
  • Other Intel – Alerts can be triggered for other intel types much like they can for Real-time incidents and advisories. Members with licenses for global content can receive alerts for Global Flashpoints, Country Reports and Country Risk Ratings. Alert Profiles can be set up to trigger alerts for Analytical Briefings, Special Event Briefings, and Situation Reports. Like Global Flashpoints, these intel types can be profiled based upon country/region, category, and severity.
    • Global Flashpoint alerts are based on country/region, category, and severity.
    • Alerts for Country Reports and Country Risk Ratings are sent when something about them changes, and alert profiles can be configured based on country/region.
    • Global Insights subscribers can receive alerts when new briefings are generated.
  • ActivWeather Profiles –ActivWeather enables members to create customized weather profiles specific to their U.S. locations and preferences. Weather profiles can be customized with over 70 incident categories such as flash floods, dust storms, severe thunderstorm warnings, tropical storm warnings, volcano warnings, high surf warnings, high wind gusts, high rainfall rates, or by heat index and wind chill. Like other profile types, only incidents that meet your alert profile criteria will trigger an alert.

The lower row of tabs provides the tools for reviewing and updating current profiles, and creating new profiles within a category.

  • My Profiles – lists your Alert Profiles in table format. Clicking the linked Profile Name opens the Alert Profile for updating purposes.
  • Create a Profile – provides the means for creating new Alert Profiles

Alert Profile Icons

The following icons are used for quick identification throughout the Alert Profiles section:

  • Location Profile icon User-added image indicates that the Alert Profile is for a registered location (Site, Building, Executive, VIP, Supplier or Multi-Use)
  • Region Profile User-added image when shown on the Real-time Intel tab, icon indicates that the Alert Profile is for a region
  • Special Event Profile icon User-added image indicates a Special Event-based Alert Profile
  • Intel Profile User-added image when shown on the Other Intel tab, icon indicates that it is an Intel-based Alert Profile
  • User Profile icon User-added image is displayed if you created the profil
  • Activated Profile icon  is displayed to indicate that the Alert Profile is active
  • Deactivated Profile icon User-added image is displayed to indicate that the Alert Profile is not active
  • Scheduled Profile icon User-added image is displayed to indicate that the Alert Profile is activated based on a pre-defined schedule
  • Message icon User-added image is displayed to indicate that there is a message associated to the Alert Profile. Messages should be checked to determine if further action is required. Clicking on the message icon will open it for viewing, and provide options for clearing or closing the message.  
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When a message is appended to an Alert Profile, the system automatically sends notification to the profile originator (or current owner of the profile), if the appropriate information was provided in the Device Profile section.

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