NC4: Risk Center - Settings

  • NC4 Risk Center - Introduction to Alert Profiles - Settings – The relevancy of the intelligence and analysis derived from NC4 Risk Center starts with Alert Profiles. By fine-tuning Alert Profile settings, users can specify the characteristics of incidents that are relevant based on business unit, region, role, area of specialty or responsibility, or user preference. Specially customized profiles ensure that users receive the situational awareness needed to execute a coordinated response for mitigating risks to their organization.
  • NC4 Risk Center - Device Profiles - Settings  – Device Profiles go hand-in-hand with Alert Profiles. Device Profiles are used to establish the delivery device, so that when an incident occurs that corresponds to one of the pre-established Alert Profiles, the right people and the right device receive the right information. Messages can be delivered in stylized html or text message, as well as in formats that can be used for integration with 3rd-party systems such as mass notification products.
  • NC4 Risk Center - My Information - Settings – Users can manage their personal information, including their location, contact details and password.
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