NC4: Risk Center -Introduction- Enhanced Location Management

The optional Enhanced Location Management feature enables you to associate more granular information directly within NC4 Risk Center for each of your registered locations. From the Situation Map, you can easily drill-down to location-specific information, which might include important URLs and documents, as shown below. Having quick access to location-specific information can make the difference when time matters most: during a crisis situation.

User-added image
Quickly access Location-specific, detailed information

Attachments, Web Links (URLs) and Reference Documents might include:

  • On-site security cameras
  • Facility floor plans
  • Employee rosters
  • Business Continuity Plan
  • Corporate Standard Operating Procedures
  • Material and Product Safety Data Sheets
  • Supplier information
  • Local weather and news
  • And much more

This section of articles is intended for those who are responsible for administering the NC4 Risk Center solution within their organization and who have the requisite administrator account privileges.

An NC4 subject matter expert will assist you in the initial set-up process, and the NC4 Support Center can provide on-going assistance with any questions you may have with regards to your organization’s use of the Enhanced Location Management feature within NC4 Risk Center.

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