NC4: Risk Center - Mobile Administration Panel - ActivPoint Administration

The Mobile Administration option in the main Navigation Panel, as shown here, provides access to the administrative functions associated with ActivPoint.

 User-added image
Mobile Administration section within NC4 Risk Center

User Management

The User Management section allows ActivPoint administrators to control which organization user accounts can log in to ActivPoint.

  1. Select the user(s) from the selection box on the left, as shown below, and move them to the selection box on the right using the > arrow.

    User-added image
    Assigning users to ActivPoint
  2. Once the user(s) that are to be assigned to ActivPoint have been selected and moved to the right selection box, click Save Changes.
  3. A confirmation dialog box will display, as shown following, showing how many mobile app licenses remain. Using the radio buttons, select if a notification should be sent to the user(s) and/or yourself (the administrator). 

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    Confirming mobile app access
  4. Once all information is confirmed, select OK to save the change, or cancel to not make any changes to the system.

In-app Quick Dial

The ActivPoint Settings panel now includes a button that initiates a one-touch phone call to an admin-designated phone number. The text label and phone number are configurable, as shown here, in the NC4 Risk Center organization profile page by the ActivPoint administrator.

 User-added image
Quick Dial customization found on the Organization Profile Page

Status Report

ActivPoint’s Status Report allows ActivPoint administrators to view data about active mobile devices in a tabular format. Report data includes:

  • Region*
  • Country*
  • City*
  • Email
  • Phone number
  • Organization
  • Device Name
  • Battery %
  • Status (online/offline)
  • Last Updated
  • Last Reported Coordinates
  • Name
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* Values derived from nearest major airport location.

User Geofences

ActivPoint administrators can define geofences within NC4 Risk Center and assign them to individual ActivPoint users or groups of users. Geofences can be any size and one of two types:

  • Safe Zone
  • No-Go

Exiting a Safe Zone or entering a No-Go zone triggers a breach notification to the app user and to any organization ActivPoint administrators with geofence alert profiles.

 User-added image

Zoom-Independent Geofence Icon

Prior to this release, geofences that were too small to display at a given map zoom were invisible, making it very difficult to locate and maintain anything but very large fences. With the 7.5.1 release, the geofences utility and Situation Map have been enhanced so that all fences have an icon, that is visible regardless of zoom level.

User-added imageUser-added image
Geofence icons


User-added image
Geofence icons visible regardless of fence size or zoom level

Geofence Layers

On the Geofence map, there are three layer options:

  • My Geofences (Editable)
  • From Parent Organization
  • Organization GPS Devices

Creating and Modifying Geofences

Under Mobile Administration in the Navigation Panel, select User Geofences to create and modify geofences. Select the map layer to which you have rights to create and edit geofences. Using the tools in the toolbar on the top:

  • Navigate Map User-added image – Use to navigate on the map.
  • Edit Properties User-added image – Use to edit properties for the zone:
      1. Click on the drawn zone, then on the Edit Properties icon to edit the properties.
      2. Specify a unique Name for the geofence.
      3. Select the type of geofence: Safe Zone or Danger Zone.
      4. Assign groups or users to the zone.
  • Delete Feature User-added image – Use to delete a previously drawn zone.
  • Draw Feature User-added image – Use to draw a square on the map to create a zone.
  • Resize Feature User-added image  – when this icon is clicked, a yellow circle will appear at the corner of the drawn zone. Click the yellow circle and then drag the corner of the box to resize as needed.
  • Relocate Feature User-added image – when this icon is clicked, a yellow circle will appear in the middle of the drawn zone. Click the yellow circle and then drag the box to where it needs to be located.
  • Save User-added image – once the zone has been drawn, and its properties defined, click the Save icon to save it to the system.
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