NC4: Risk Center - Region-Based Alert Profiles -Settings

When Region is selected for Profile Type on the Overall Settings tab, the system will display a screen for selecting the Severity Level and various types of Regions, as shown here.

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Region-based Real-time Intel Alert Profile

You will need to complete the following fields on the Location/Region tab to create a new Region-based profile:

  1. Select the Severity levels for the alerts you want to receive, by checking/unchecking the box.
  2. Make selections from the RegionCountryState and/or County drop-down fields by highlighting the selection, and right clicking it, which adds it to the Selected Regions, Countries, States and/or Counties list box.

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    Select as many Regions, Countries, States and/or Counties as you need by returning to the drop-down list, making another selection, and right clicking it.

  3. Confirm that the entries in the list box are accurate. Highlight any inaccurate entries and click on the Remove button to remove them from the list box.

  4. Click Save to save this Alert Profile.
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