NC4: Risk Center - Location Status Codes

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Use of the Location Status Codes is optional.

The color-coding used for Location Status is different than the Incident Severity Level codes.

Utilizing the systems automatic Notification feature, the location’s Status field allows you to track changes in your location status and inform other users about the changes. A location’s type and color-code status will also be shown on the Situation Map.

The five Location Status code levels, as shown in the table below, do not determine any specific functions or outcomes in the system. The Location Status Codes are arbitrary and can be used to meet your own organizational requirements. The status of your location can be communicated by using the Notification details feature as previously described. If you (or another user that has update privileges for the location) change the status, users that are on the location’s Groups/Members list will be notified.

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Location Status Codes and Types

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