NC4: Risk Center - Viewing Real-time Incidents

Real-time incidents can be viewed either on the Situation Map, or in the Incident Explorer.

  • Incident/Advisory Map – the Incident/Advisory Map enables you to view active incidents on the map. Incidents are displayed as icons on the map, and when clicked on, enable you to drill down to additional incident details. Instructions on how to use the Incident/Advisory Map are similar to using the Situation Map. Detailed instructions for using the NC4 Risk Center - Situation Map are provided under Using Maps.
  • NC4 Risk Center - Using the Incident Explorer the Incident Explorer enables you to see the active incidents in list fashion. It displays incident information, which can be sorted in several ways and cross-sorted by regions and/or countries. Sort parameters include:
    • by Incident Date
    • by Location
    • by Log Date
    • Advisory by Date
    • All by Log Date
    • Closed by Date
    • Archived by Date
    • by Severity

Incident Quality Level

The NIMC classifies the incident information as follows:



Quality Level Description

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Confirmed Government

This alert information, received by NIMC directly from a government source, has been cross-referenced for accuracy by that source. Sources include local fire, police or EMS dispatch sites, federal sites such as the US Geological Survey (USGS), National Weather Service, official foreign government communiques, and direct communications from one of NC4’s government information-sharing partners, such as the Los Angeles Police Department or the New York City Office of Emergency Management.


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Confirmed Media


This information has been checked for accuracy by a reputable media source such as local television news, eye witness reports, international or state-run news agencies, newspaper web sites, etc.

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Confirmed Multiple Sources

The information contained in the NC4 alert has been corroborated by multiple reliable source types, such as government and media.

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Confirmed Other

The information contained in the NC4 incident alert has been corroborated by a quasi-government entity such as a utility company, an NC4 Risk Center™ member and/or a verified protest group.

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This information (although not immediately corroborated by a listed information outlet) is from a dependable source such as a police scanner monitoring service or a collection of social media reports from vetted individuals.

For detailed information about Incident Categories and Severity levels, refer to the article titled NC4 Risk Center - Incident Categories and Severities.

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