NC4: Risk Center - Intelligence

  • NC4 Risk Center - Viewing Real-time Incidents – Utilizing sophisticated technology, NC4’s team of highly skilled analysts leverage thousands of diverse information sources to provide early warning of all-hazards incidents at the street, neighborhood, regional, national and international levels. Analysts evaluate incident intel in real-time, reporting all incidents that could threaten business assets, operations and/or traveling employees, such as suspicious packages, plane crashes, wildfires, hurricanes, earthquakes, explosions, 1 to 6-alarm fires, hazardous materials spills, tanker truck accidents, interstate highway closures, severe weather, and much more.
  • NC4 Risk Center - Global Flashpoints – Global Flashpoints are brief, contextual reports of social, economic and geopolitical developments. Designed to complement NC4’s comprehensive analysis and real-time alerting, members use Global Flashpoints to stay informed of world events.
  • NC4 Risk Center - Country Reports – NC4 analysts maintain reports for over 150 countries. These reports are used by members for both tactical and longer-term strategic and planning purposes. Country Reports include information about current conditions from a socio-political and socio-economic standpoint. They also include up-to-date information on topics such as health and safety, crime and terrorism, and a pre-trip checklist, all of which aid the decision-making process about travel, expatriates, dependent relocation, on-going business operations, long term investments in infrastructure projects and more. Each Country Report is also assigned a Country Risk Rating on a scale of 1 (low risk) to 4 (extreme risk).
  • NC4 Risk Center - Resources – The Resources link provides a list of key dates such as holidays for each country and numerous informative websites for government travel warnings, health, travel and other topics. In addition, it provides specialized reports meant to help prepare women traveling to countries in which cultural attitudes towards them may be unfamiliar. These reports are tailored by country and may be used to brief anyone planning to travel or live abroad.
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