NC4: Launching Risk Center and Logging In

  1. Launch your Internet browser and type in to access the NC4 website.

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    Figure 2 – Access to member login from the NC4 website

  2. Click on the Customer Login in the upper right of the NC4 website to link to NC4 Risk Center,

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    It is recommended that you bookmark this link to expedite accessing NC4 Risk Center.

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    Figure 3 – Member login screen

  3. Click on Member Login, as shown in Figure 3.
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    A Login ID and Password should have been provided to you by your NC4 Risk Center Administrator. Please keep this information secure when not in use. For your protection, only one person can log onto NC4 Risk Center per Login ID. You are not able to conduct multiple NC4 Risk Center sessions simultaneously with a single Login ID.

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    Figure 4 – Login screen

  4. Enter your Login ID and Password. If you have forgotten your Login ID or Password, click the Forgot username? or Forgot password? link. The system will display a new screen, as shown in Figure 5.

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    Figure 5 – Prompt for forgotten password or forgotten username
  5. For a forgotten username, enter your email address associated with your Login ID. For a forgotten password, enter the Login ID/username associated with your Login ID. An email containing a link for continuing the process will be sent to the email address associated with the account profile of the Login ID.

    • The link in the email is only good for 30 minutes.
    • The link itself does not include any user login credentials or PII
    • The link itself is encoded and encrypted

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      If the submitted username is invalid or not linked to an existing NC4 Risk Center user account, the self-service password reset will not be provided, and the user is advised to contact NC4 Support.

  6. Clicking the link in the email takes the user to the security questions page, as shown in Figure 6.

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    Figure 6 – Security questions prompt

  7. Upon successfully answering both security questions, the user will be prompted to change their password.

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    If the user fails to provide correct answers to both security questions, the self-service password reset will fail, and the user is advised to contact NC4 Support.


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    For security reasons, you may only enter an incorrect password a certain number of times before your account will be locked out. In that case, you can contact the Support Center to unlock your account or can wait until the account is automatically reset. To ensure the security of your business and personal data, the number of failed password attempts and the reset duration are not disclosed. To avoid disruptions accessing the solution, NC4 recommends you use the forgotten password prompt if you have any doubt about the accuracy of your password.

    After receiving your temporary password and logging into the application, the system will prompt you to change your password.

    While customizable password requirements may have been implemented for your account, the standard requirements include:

    · Must be between 8 – 32 characters

    · Must include at least one non-alphanumeric (special) character

    · Cannot contain the following special characters: ^&*(<>;

    · Can include upper and lower case letters

    · Cannot contain any spaces

    · Cannot be the same as your Login ID

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