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NC4 Risk Center provides an easy way to access and utilize the entire range of intelligence, analysis and functionality of the solution. The vertical panel to the left is the Navigation Panel. As you select items from it, the content will appear in the main Content Panel. The image below shows the Real-Time Incidents tabs (linked from the Intelligence section in the Navigation Panel), with the NC4 Incident/Advisory Map showing in the main Content Panel. For purposes of readability, the Navigation Panel has been enlarged in this image.

User-added image

Main screen layout

The NC4 Risk Center Navigation Panel is shown in more detail here.

User-added image 

Detailed Navigation Panel

The Navigation Panel features collapsible, lockable panels, allowing users to hide functionality they don’t often use. Once locked, the user’s panel configuration setting is saved by the system, until the user changes it. The Navigation Panel has up/down buttons, in the event that not all Navigation Panel content can be shown at once. These icons are described in the article, Links and Icons.

The following details the more common system features that may appear in the Navigation Panel. If you would like more information about enabling a specific feature, please contact your NC4 Risk Center Administrator or your NC4 account manager.

Navigation is categorized into sections to better help you locate the information you need. These sections include:

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